Build your brand by blogging

The power of blogging

Boosting SEO, Thought Leadership, and Brand Recognition

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, where ideas and perspectives flow freely, blogging remains a steadfast favorite among businesses. It serves as a powerful platform for companies to showcase their unique personality, core values, and forge meaningful connections with their target audience. With its roots tracing back to 1994, blogging has stood the test of time as an invaluable content marketing strategy, empowering businesses to supercharge their search engine optimization (SEO), cultivate thought leadership, and cultivate an indelible brand presence.

The impact of blogging on driving website traffic and increasing sales conversions is undeniable, with statistics revealing that company sites with blogs attract 55% more visitors compared to those without. To harness the potential of blogging, it is crucial to create compelling, informative, and well-crafted content that resonates with your target audience. In this article, we will explore key tips for starting a new blog or enhancing an existing one, focusing on the significance of content quality, the role of SEO, and the potential for building brand recognition.

Content is King

Three common reasons people read blogs are to discover industry news or trends, learn something new, or be entertained. These add up to you needing to be knowledgeable, entertaining, and informative; all wrapped up in a well-written blog—no biggie! 

Before you begin writing, take some preliminary steps to make your blog more successful and easier to write. First, determine your target audience to ensure your blog content is relevant. Additionally, identify your unique angle so you can set your biz apart from the competition. 

Keep in mind that readers are unlikely to be looking for promotional content when they come across your blog. Therefore, it’s essential to post blogs that don’t contain a lot of marketing material and product shots. 

Up Your SEO Game

Your website must be findable on search engines (thanks, Captain Obvious!). SEO will improve your website’s native rankings by delivering brand awareness and relevant traffic. 

Since search engines rank websites by relevance to the word typed into the query—and the algorithm’s assessment of your site—SEO ensures that your site is trustworthy, secure, high-performing, and relevant to your visitors.

This list is how Google suggests implementing SEO on a website—straight from the horse’s mouth: 

  • Make your site interesting and useful.
  • Know what your readers want (and give it to them). 
  • Use a good mix of keyword phrases.
  • Act in a way that cultivates user trust.
  • Make expertise and authoritativeness clear.
  • Provide an appropriate amount of content for your subject.
  • Avoid distracting advertisements.
  • Use links wisely.

Weaving keywords into the headline, URL, meta description, and post content will boost SEO. 

And remember to use external links (see what we did there!). They are a great way to improve your credibility (assuming they’re solidly researched), up your SEO game, and add value to your blog. 

If you want to dig deeper into SEO and learn a fun, new math skill, check out this terrific blog post outlining the ROI of SEO

Build Brand Recognition

Consistent blogging about interesting, relevant subjects will establish you as an expert. Then, as your target audience continues to follow your posts and gain new knowledge—voilà, you are recognized as a thought leader and a trusted authority in your field.

Furthermore, blogs increase brand recognition by giving readers meaningful insights into a company’s mission and beliefs. These insights will help readers understand why they should choose your biz over other competitors in the market.

Aren’t You Glad You Asked?

Writing useful, engaging, share-worthy content that’s properly optimized and ranked by search engines has the potential to drive myriad new visitors to your website in a sustainable way. 

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