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What’s Trending in Marketing?

Happening Now: Holiday Spending (2022)

The holiday season is like candy for marketers, filled with sweet treats at every turn. High spirits bring high spending, which makes Q4 the perfect time to draw in new customers and retain existing ones. Just this Cyber Monday, consumers spent $11.3B (which, interestingly enough, beat out Black Friday by a landslide, at $9.2B).

But what are consumers spending their holiday budget on, exactly? We’ll look at Google’s Top Searches to find the answer to that question.

Regarding top search trends, here’s what was trending in the US last week…

  • Electric candle warmer (+600%)
  • Unique thrift store (360%)
  • Best affordable shapewear (+360%)
  • Affordable sustainable clothing (+200%)

And in terms of product categories, last week in the US…

  • Video games made up 36% of searches
  • Clothing made up 35% of searches
  • Toys made up 17% of searches
  • Cosmetics made up 8% of searches

Now we’ll pass the question off to you: how are you marketing your product or service this holiday season? Have you seen an uptick in sales?

The end of the holidays welcomes the new year—and with that comes new trends in almost every industry. As marketers and business owners, it’s important to stay current with visual and graphic design trends to keep your brand fresh. Let’s explore a few trends on the horizon in 2023.

Retro: whether it’s 80s, 90s, or y2k, retro is back with a colorful vengeance! Be on the lookout for bright color palettes, bold typography, nostalgic imagery, and playful designs next year.

Graphic design trend

Tech-forward: in complete contrast to the previous trend, 2023 is the year of looking forward. Inspired by the metaverse, NFTs, and VR, futuristic designs will make a mark next year. Elements include dynamic lines, abstract shapes, and motion.

Graphic design trend

Clutter-free: simplicity has arrived. Defined by calming designs and a lack of ornamentation, minimalism will make headway next year. This trend centers around embracing whitespace and creating breathing room for the important stuff.

Graphic design trend

Past Meets Present: What’s Old is New Again

History repeats itself, yet again. “Old” methods of marketing are making their way back into the mainstream. Here are a few tactics to keep an eye out for next year:

Email Blasts: large-scale email blast marketing campaigns can yield an average of 4,300% ROI, according to Direct Marketing Association. Check out our blog here outlining seven steps to write an enticing email newsletter.

PS: Gmail just introduced an email newsletter feature that we love! Click here to learn all about the platform’s latest upgrade.

Cold Emails: we’re all about emails these days. Especially effective for B2B companies, cold emails allow for personal touches that other channels simply don’t. Read our blog to learn how to properly scrub your email list to ensure it’s squeaky clean!

Blogs: never neglect the value of rich content. Not only are blogs a great way to establish your company as a thought leader in its space, but they’re also an easy way to boost your website’s SEO. Dive into our blog to discover a whopping 14 tips for writing a great blog post.

FYI: SEO is super duper important, as it is how internet users can find your company online!

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