Why People-First Content Wins

Put Humans First

Whether welcoming the new year with open arms, or mindlessly dating documents “2022” until mid-June, 2023 has arrived—and it’s here to stay. Well, at least for the next 12 months.

While the new year brings personal resolutions, it also prompts business developments. New trends have already begun to emerge across various industries, and marketing is no exception.

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A Shift in Social Media

Social media platforms are constantly evolving—we all know this. Be on the lookout, however, for a fundamental shift in their algorithms.

Until recently, social media platforms have focused on sharing social-based content. We’re seeing a deviation from that. Algorithms are now pushing interest-based content. Here’s an example.

Once upon a time, Instagram was a place to keep up with your neighbor Becky’s life.

“Omg. Becky is having another baby? I’m sending this post to my mom. She’ll want to send her a card.”

Nowadays, Instagram serves you video after video of puppies FURociously licking ice cream cones…and you’ve forgotten all about your dear next-door neighbor, Becky.

“My mom has to watch this Dachshund slurp up a Starbucks Puppaccino. So cute. Aaaaand send!”

Algorithms are taking note of how much time you spend liking, commenting, and engaging with content. They’re serving you posts based on what they think you like. So if you’d rather see anything besides puppies, you may want to stop double-tapping all those videos.

But let’s be real—Becky never stood a chance against that Dachshund.

Content Marketing Changes

The days of “nontent” are long over. There’s as much oversaturation as there is real estate in the digital realm. That means no more “meh” posting on your socials, no more bland blogs, and no more valueless emails. You simply have to stand out in order to be seen. 

Here’s our recommendation to you: get back to the basics of content marketing. Share relevant, useful content with your clearly defined audience, and make it interesting.

Creative storytelling should be at the heart of what you do. Besides, the more inventive you are, the less likely AI is to take your job.

Oop—did your ears perk up at that? ????

Alas, the rumors are true. AI writing has arrived. And, according to this article, it’s worryingly good.

Search Engines Say, “Put Humans First!”

This last bit of news may come as a surprise, but Google itself recommends focusing on people-first content, not search engine-first content.

Google Search Central writes, “Google’s automated ranking systems are designed to present helpful, reliable information that’s primarily created to benefit people, not to gain search engine rankings.”

So, when creating content for your website or ad campaigns, ensure you’re satisfying what humans need…not search engines.

Don’t create more noise. Create a smoke signal. ????

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