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What’s the deal with Chat GPT?

For better or worse, Chat GPT is taking the world by storm…and that includes the marketing world. 

TLDR: Chat GPT is a dynamic AI Chatbot with the ability to participate in human interaction in a conversational manner. It can write essays, short stories, business plans, generate code… the list goes on and on.

Frightened by the AI’s sophistication? You should be!

Okay, okay—we’re being dramatic. Chat GPT is not the T-800 cyborg from the Terminator. At least, not yet.

In any case, marketers can potentially utilize Chat GPT to provide real-time customer support, generate campaign ideas, nurture leads, and even create [draft] content.

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And in other AI news, Hubspot just introduced new AI-powered tools to boost productivity, including “Content Assistant,” and “”

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