Why You Should Increase Your Ad Spend

Marketing During a Recession

Tweet Editing

Tweet editing is here! This update went just went into effect on Friday. If you’ve ever published a tweet filled with typos, you no longer have to delete and repost—you can just edit the live tweet itself! Get more info in this Twitter blog post.

Linkedin for B2B

Is your brand B2B? If so, Linkedin is a great place to market your business. Here are some types of content that perform well on this particular social media platform: 

  • Blogs
  • Case studies
  • Testimonials
  • Video clips & interviews
  • Hot industry news

And, to make your life easier, Linkedin is working on a native post-scheduling option. We can’t wait!

‘Tis the Season

Pumpkin spice lattes are back, baby. More than 21,000 people tweeted about Starbucks’ famous PSLs on August 31, the day of their return—that is an increase of nearly 300% in mentions. All that is to say that scarcity and seasonal offerings can be great marketing tools.

Increasing Ad Spend in an Economic Downturn

Certain brands are putting more dollars towards digital advertising amid the current times of economic uncertainty. Here’s why:

Competitors are likely to reduce (or altogether stop) their ad spend. These cutbacks provide brands who are willing to maintain or increase ad spend with a huge opportunity to stake a claim in the space.

Way back in the 1980s, McGraw Hill ran a study with 600 companies from 16 industries. The data found that companies who continued to advertise during a two-year recession saw 256% higher sales than their counterparts post-recession, and those who did NOT advertise during that same time saw no market share increase.

“If your company has something to say that is relevant in this environment, it’s going to be more efficient to say it now than to say it in better times,” says Wharton marketing professor, Leonard Lodish.

What is your company’s marketing plan for the remainder of 2022?

Ready to launch a seasonal marketing campaign?

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