The Importance of Ongoing SEO Work

When it comes to keeping your business listing at the top of the search engines, wouldn’t it be wonderful to just set it and forget it?! To simply create your website, then wait for the optimization fairy to wave her magic SEO wand – and BOOM – you’re the first listing, on the first page, over every other company in your industry!

Wake up. That’s a dream.

From Penguin to Pigeon (and every animal update in between) search engines like Google are constantly releasing amended algorithms, refreshes and search index changes. Fail to keep up with the new best practices and your business can slide backward in the rankings!

The only way to compete online these days is to optimize your site for specific search terms and communicate to search engines that your web pages are user-friendly, quality-controlled and popular.

The first step to achieving this is by assessing the following:

• Keyword optimization
• Backlinks
• Marketing content
• Local listings
• Navigation ease
• Competitor strategy

At Sutula Marketing, we approach SEO as a long-term strategy that requires ongoing appraisal, effort, and patience focused on improving and maintaining your domain authority while solidifying your brand identity.

In conjunction with our full-service marketing strategy, our on-going SEO support will allow your business to grow – and continue to thrive – in the highly competitive world of digital business.


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