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Which industries will AI disrupt?

A fox on summer vacation jumps into a flying laptop and the ocean is far away. 

That jumbled sentence may not make a lot of sense to you and me, but Artificial Intelligence can put meaning to the madness. 

We typed this prompt into a new text-to-image generator by Canva, an online graphic design tool, and selected six various art styles.

Here’s how that art turned out… 

…and it took roughly three seconds to produce six drastically different results.

Top Fox AI Art

And that is only the beginning.

Canva has tapped into AI for more than just art creation. Anyone (yes, it’s free!) can now auto-generate collateral designs with Canva’s Magic Design or create copy faster with Magic Write

We tested out Magic Write by typing this phrase into a blank document: “software development for startups.” In less than two seconds, AI came up with this:

Software development for startups involves creating software products that meet the specific needs of a startup company. To successfully develop software for a startup, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the company’s goals and target audience, as well as the resources available for development. Startups often prioritize speed and agility when it comes to software development, so using agile methodologies and modern technology stacks can be helpful. It’s also important to consider scalability and future growth when designing and building the software.

Crazy, huh?

Keep your limbs inside the vehicle and hold on tight, because it gets even crazier! Dolly 2.0 just arrived—and no, not Dolly Parton. Though she’s still rockin’ it.

Similar to ChatGPT, Dolly 2.0 is an open-source AI that is available for commercial use.

Databricks, the creator of Dolly 2.0, says, “We are open-sourcing the entirety of Dolly 2.0, including the training code, the dataset, and the model weights, all suitable for commercial use. This means that any organization can create, own, and customize powerful LLMs that can talk to people, without paying for API access or sharing data with third parties.”

Okay, but…what does this mean for you?

In short, it means that you should keep your eye on AI, as this technology will continue to develop at an alarming speed. In a just-released interview on 60 Minutes, Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, warned society to brace for impact.

Pichai says, “This is going to impact every product across every company. We need to adapt as a society for it.”  He then names a number of jobs that will be disrupted by AI, including knowledge workers—ie. accountants, architects, and software engineers, to name a few.

Now we’ll pass the question off to you: what’s your take on the role of AI in the workforce?

PS: if you’re curious about how to regulate AI, Google has released a document of recommendations. Read all 20 pages here.

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