TikTok Sparks Privacy Debate

Is it time for online privacy legislation?

Although TikTok is unlikely to be banned, the recent congressional hearing has spurred discourse around U.S. federal privacy legislation. Currently, there’s a lack of standardization around data aggregation and trading. Why does that matter? 

Tom Chavez, CEO of data privacy firm Ketch, says, “Americans need privacy protections and informed consent over which data they share—and this needs to be true no matter which country the particular tech platform hails from, whether it’s China, the United States or any other nation.”

Due to the rapid evolution of technology in recent years, big tech companies like Meta, Google, and Tiktok have been given quite a bit of elbow room when it comes to data collection. 

“Governments around the world are ignoring their duty to protect citizens’ private information, allowing big tech companies to exploit user information for gain. Governments should try to better protect user information, instead of focusing on one particular app without good evidence,” says Pellaeon Lin, a Taiwan-based researcher at the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab.

The future is yet to be determined for TikTok and tech companies at large, but we’re keeping our eyes peeled.

And now, we want your thoughts—what impact would data privacy legislation have on digital marketing?

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