Violet Defense

Multi-channel ABM campaign

Project Brief

Violet Defense’s UV disinfection lighting systems have a number of compelling use cases for highly specific audiences. VD brought Top Fox in as a strategic partner to create and run an account based marketing (ABM) campaign to some of their high value targets, K-12 schools, and medical facilities, with the goal of capturing qualified leads that could be handed off to their internal sales team.

Objectives & Strategy

Phase 1:

Pilot an ABM campaign targeting school leadership and nurses to generate awareness for Violet Defense UV disinfection products, capture leads, and learn what works and what doesn’t.

Phase 2:

Apply learnings from the pilot ABM campaign to a second audience—medical facilities—and roll-out an additional campaign to capture leads for this new audience.

Supporting Strategies

Phase 1:

– Custom lists built utilizing Linkedin’s Sales Navigator tool

– LinkedIn InMail drip campaign targeting custom list

– LinkedIn Ad campaign targeting the same demographics 

– Google Performance Max Ad campaign

– Traditional email drip campaign to purchased list

– Supporting asset creation, including a cstom landing page, content for InMail & email, custom ad and video creative, and ongoing monitoring and optimization

Phase 2:

– Rinse and repeat the activities from Phase 1 that proved effective for the new audience

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The Results

– 916,767 Google Ads impressions 

– 18,025 landing page views from Google Ads

– 204,700 LinkedIn Ad impressions 

– 901 landing page visits from LinkedIn

– 23% average email open rate

– 70% average read rate of opened emails

– 20 conversions

– 3,574 LinkedIn profile visits across 4 Sales Reps

Violet Defense Mockups

“I wanted to say how much I appreciate working with you. Your strategic ability, creative talent, and execution are top class, and you are so easy to work with.”

Elaine Gibbons, CSO

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