Spectra Logic

Prevailing Partnership on Website Rebuild

Project Brief

Spectra Logic came to Top Fox to guide their team on a monumental website rebuild. With more than 2,000 pages, they sought an experienced partner who could lead them efficiently through this months-long project.

Business Objectives

Phase 1:

Project planning, including building out, tasks, roles, phases, and budget.

Phase 2:

Redesign website for user experience, flow, and modernity.

Phase 3:

Ongoing guidance and support

Supporting Strategies

Phase 1:

– Create robust project plan
– Audit current web pages
– Export Google Analytics and audit SEO
– Determine redirects
– Create page templates
– Assign roles and responsibilities

Phase 2:

– Custom design 20+ page templates
– Thorough QA
– Several revision and approval cycles

Phase 3:

– Weekly internal & client meetings
– Ongoing communication
– Ongoing monitoring of progress & budget

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The Results

– Directed UI/UX and user journeys
– Utilized proven project management process
– Streamlined communication across all stakeholders
– Ongoing technical guidance, leadership, and support
– Modern new design
– Project on time and on budget

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Spectra Logic Website Mockup

“We knew we were underestimating how large this project was, but we really had no idea by how much until Top Fox was involved. The professionals at TFM have been guiding us step by step so that we’ve been able to manage expectations about timing and budget with execs and the board… and when we asked them to give us a fresh take on the homepage – WOW!”

Betsy Doughty, VP of Corporate Marketing

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