Clay Seed Bombs

Performance Max ads spark exponential growth

Project Brief

 Top Fox Marketing led Clay Seed Bombs through an entire rebrand to appeal to a wider audience—name, logo, website, messaging, you name it. From there, we built a beautiful Shopify website and social media profiles.

Once the company’s digital footprint was planted, it was time to move on from foundational marketing. Clay Seed Bombs was ready to sell more products. In order to make that happen—and to keep ad spend cost-effective—we needed to launch a strategic Performance Max ad campaign. We utilized beautiful photography, custom-made videos, and SEO-optimized ad copy in our campaign to drive conversions. At the end of the day, for all the automation Performance Max provides, it’s the human touch that maximizes performance. The results speak for themselves: total orders on is up 741% when comparing the last 90 days with the previous period.

Objectives & Strategy

– Rebrand company to Clay Seed Bombs

– Launch a new website

– Launch social media platforms

– Increase sales and customer base

– Implement & optimize SEO

– Launch targeted Performance Max ad campaign

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The Results

Total orders up 741% in 90-day comparison

Revenue up 304% in 90-day comparison

Conversion rate up 36% in 90-day comparison

Website sessions up 312% in 90-day comparison

Full rebrand

Stunning new website

Consistent and quality posts across social media platforms

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Achieve Results

with a Performance Max campaigh

Client Background

Clay Seed Bombs is on a mission to green the planet one Clay Seed Bomb at a time. Clay Seed Bombs are made up of clay, compost, and native wildflower seeds. The clay absorbs moisture, the compost provides nutrients, and the seeds already know what they need to do! Your reward for growing what nature intended is a flourishing and fragrant native flower garden that gives more than it takes by attracting native pollinators and using significantly less water than a traditional garden.

“Launching a Performance Max Ad campaign sparked exponential growth for my company. My products are now flying off the shelves — and my revenue is up more than 300% in just 90 days!”

Seth Tannis, Founder, Clay Seed Bombs

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