McDonald’s knows marketing

For better or for worse, McDonald’s knows how to market its product. Playing on the power of nostalgia, Mcdonald’s is introducing the “As Featured In Meal,” which—for a limited time (another great marketing tactic)—allows fans to “relive the magic of their favorite characters and artists with one of three main menu items and sides.” Ba […]

Ad best practices from Meta

Meta recently revealed best practices to make Facebook and Instagram ads more engaging. Recommendations include: We highly recommend checking out the guidelines from Meta if you’re running an ad campaign for your business. Bonus round: Meta released a three-page PDF to help users maximize the performance benefits of AI in ad campaigns. Check it out. Sign up for […]

Nope, AI-generated art can’t be copyrighted

The ruling that AI-generated art is uncopyrightable came in late last week from US District Court Judge Beryl A. Howell. She was presiding over Stephen Thaler’s case, who sought to copyright an AI-generated image made with an algorithm he created. In the ruling, Judge Howell said that only material produced with human creativity is copyrightable, […]

Exciting YouTube Shorts feature coming soon

TikTok continues to dominate the short-form video market, but YouTube isn’t ready to give up. In an attempt to drive more traffic to YouTube’s Shorts platform, it’s launching a slew of new features. But here’s our favorite: coming late September, a Shorts video will be able to link to a longer video. This update promises […]

Why giant block lists are problematic for X

Elon Musk said X is going to remove its block feature. It won’t. Removing the block functionality from X (formerly Twitter) is unlikely to happen. The move would violate the Apple Store and Google Play Store guidelines—which would remove X from said stores. That, essentially, would kill the app. The big question is this: why […]

Ad campaigns that caught our eye

ad campaign

Social media apps are only free because you are the product. The price of admission? Your attention. Your data. Your clicks. Only, with the incessant presence of ads, it’s easy to scroll right on by. These days, you see about one ad for every four to five organic posts. That makes it challenging for advertisers to stand […]

These digital platform updates will impact you

digital platform updates

YouTube’s New Features for Shorts Youtube just rolled out six new tools for Creators. We’re most excited about the soon-to-come “recomposition tools,” which will make it easier for users to turn YouTube videos into Shorts. As marketers, we’re big fans of repurposing content. Many of our clients have long-form, horizontal videos that would reach a wider audience if […]

What happened to Twitter?

We just have to talk about it. We have to talk about X. Throughout the past week, the internet has been in shambles over the app formerly known as Twitter. Okay, the word “shambles” might be hyperbolic, but the general sentiment remains. (Also, we needed an excuse to use “hyperbolic” in a sentence. What can we […]

10 Marketing Metrics to Monitor for Success

marketing metrics

Successful marketing is both an art and a science. And while many content managers would argue that creativity is king, one of the most essential elements of any campaign is the ability to measure performance. Tracking marketing metrics is the best way to gauge how well a campaign works toward reaching key performance metrics (KPIs,) […]

Everything you need to know about AI

ai business news

In this article, we explore the latest in the world of artificial intelligence. Ready to test your AI knowledge and get equipped with some helpful AI business tools? Keep reading. The Latest in AI AI business tools we’re loving at the moment

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