Bring in More Business With a Google Performance Max Campaign

google performance max

It is now possible to harness Google’s extraordinary algorithm to promote your own business, and we’re going to show you how! Sometimes it’s creepy…you walk into a store and up pops a coupon on your phone. Or you linger for a little longer than usual on a YouTube ad for socks, and suddenly every website […]

How to Regain Access to Your Lost Online Accounts

access lost accounts

In part one of our series, we explained how to safely grant online account access to your marketing agency. In part two, we show you how to regain control of your accounts if a rogue agency locked you out. You hired a marketing agency (or other digital service providers) with the best of intentions. You […]

How to Safely Grant Account Access to Your Marketing Agency

agency account access

In this two-part series, we show you how to safely grant account access to your marketing agency and how to reclaim your accounts if you lose them. Hiring a marketing agency is an exciting step in your company’s journey. From brand strategy to content creation, your dream of soaring to success with a savvy team […]

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