What's up with the new social platform?

All about Threads

In case you missed it, Meta launched a Twitter clone. Threads, the hottest social media app to hit the marketplace this month, amassed more than 100M users in its first five days. To give you some context, it took ChatGP two months, TikTok nine months, and Instagram 30 months to reach 100M users.

So how did Threads garner such a large user base so quickly?

In short, Meta strategically used its extensive app ecosystem to its advantage.  Instagram users could easily create a Threads profile using their existing IG information. Much of Threads’ initial success is owed to Meta’s app connectivity and the simple setup process.

While signups for the app achieved record numbers in the US, it could take months for the EU to approve the launch of Threads. That’s because the EU Digital Markets Act includes stringent laws around user privacy and data usage—and, well, Threads mines a lot of data.

Threads’ privacy policy states that the app may collect and link to your identity, data including your health and fitness, financial, browsing history, location, contact information, and sensitive information.

Errr—should we be concerned?

In short, probably. This privacy policy isn’t out of the norm for social media apps, but consider that Threads’ data is combined with that of Facebook, Instagram, and Meta Pixel…

So just know that you’re giving up a substantial amount of personal data when ticking that little “Yes” under Threads’ Terms and Conditions. Maybe don’t throw caution to the wind.

What are your thoughts on Threads? Have you downloaded the app?

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