EU set stage for responsible AI

AI regulation is coming soon

EU lawmakers have taken a major step in passing the AI Act, which aims to set a global standard for regulating artificial intelligence. Lawmakers aim to reach an agreement by the end of 2023. Thierry Breton, EU commissioner, says, “AI raises a lot of questions socially, ethically, economically. But now is not the time to hit any ‘pause button’. On the contrary, it is about acting fast and taking responsibility.”

In addition to the EU, Southeast Asia is set to establish guardrails on AI.

These regulations come as a sigh of relief for many employees around the world. In an article by BBC, a former marketing copywriter says, “I did laugh-off the idea of AI replacing writers, or affecting my job, until it did.” 

Additionally, a survey from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) polled 12,000 workers and found that one-third were worried that they’d be replaced at work by AI. Jessica Apotheker from BCG says, “When you look at leaders and managers, we have more than 80% of them that use AI at least on a weekly basis.”

What about you—have you used Chat GPT or other AI tools in your business? If so, what for? 

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